Maintenance Notice


Dear Crusaders,

The maintenance in this week will last for about two hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/02/28 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8:2019/02/27 6PM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3 2019/02/27 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3 2019/02/28 5AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0 2019/02/28 2AM


Ⅰ)   The Battle of Karanvale - Final Battle

After this maintenance update, we will open a new team raid “The Battle of Karanvale - Final Battle”. The raid needs at least 10 players, the character reaches 55 and the talent level reaches 75. The Warriors who won the first kill of the replica server will receive the exclusive first kill achievement and title. In addition to all kinds of rare items, the copy will drop the new D13 equipment. Welcome the Warriors to find out!

Ⅱ)  "Iced Flame Orb" and "Universe Wrath" coming!

Add a new D13 set -- "Iced Flame Orb" and "Universe Wrath", the set of parts will fall in the new raid "The Battle of Karanvale - Final Battle".
2-Piece Iced Flame Orb Set:When a skill crit has a chance to summon a fire column or an extremely cold icicle at the target, the fire column will cause range damage and the icicle will cause single damage.
3-Piece Iced Flame Orb Set:When the fire column or icicles disappears, it will summon a flame orb or frosty orb on the target. After 2s, the orb will explode, causing damage to enemies in the range. The flames will cause dizziness, and the icicles will cause slowdown.

2-Piece Universe Wrath Set:When you cast skills, you have the chance to gain the power of the universe, summon a huge lightning, cause high damage to the target, and leave a large array of lightning at the target, causing high damage to the enemies around the target.
3-Piece Universe Wrath Set:The power of the universe is unstoppable. Triggeed power will reset the cooldown of the  Meteor Crater and the Magama Spikes. (warrior only)

Ⅲ)  New Star Circles —— “Shield”, “Magellana”, “Thorn”

The powerful Demon Lord “Malaziel” is the eternal  enemy of Milura. To resist his invading, Karanvale’s astrologists have conducted research day and night, and finally have explored the magical field of new Star Circles of “Shield”, “Magellana” and “Thorn”.

Star Circle of “Magellana” exudes an extremely powerful elemental power. It can injure the enemies with elemental damage, which ignores targets’ Phys. and Magic Defense. 

Star Circle of “Thorn” can provide characters with Attack and HP. 

Star Circle of “Shield” can provide characters with PvP attacker takes damage rate.

Players can use Flower of Torannis to purchase these 3 kinds of star circles at Estalde’s NPC shop. Also, “Astrology Rune”, “Uncut Starlight Stone”, “Asterism”, “Starlight Stone”, “Star Shavings Box”, “Stardust Amber”, “Star Shaving”, “Stardust Flower” are also being sold on “Materials” mall.

Ⅳ)  Timed Events —— Ball handling Challenge

From a distant land, the King of Football, Meido, has come to Surgewind Wilds to challenge the heroes of Milura. He claims to be unbeatable in a match. Prove him wrong! Challenge and defeat Meido the Footballer to earn EXP, iron meteorites, essences, and more!

Ⅴ)  “Materials” 60%off Sale

After this maintenance update, all the crystal items in the Mall-Materials store (except Magellana Gold Chest and Lucky Ticket) are sold at a discount of 60%. Items purchased with gold or silver coins do not participate in this discount.

Ⅵ)  “New Arrival”

After this week's maintenance, “Carnival Gratitude” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “Frost Celebration” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments and rare items.Also it included  the new cool mount - “Ice Lizard”!

Ⅶ)  “NEW”

After this week's maintenance, “Jadeite Crystal Star Box”, “Aquamarine Crystal Star Box”, “Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”,  “Dawn's Light Box”,  “Star Gem Box ” and “Ancestor Ambrosilla Box ” will be in stock on “NEW”.

Ⅷ)   “Lucky Draw”

Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic  box and mounts!
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