Patch Note| Follower Arena & Guild Trial Event time revised 20190423

Dear Crusaders,
According to your feedback about the maintenance time, we will djust the EVENT TIME of Guild Trial and Follower Arena during this maintenance. Midsummer Puzzle Event and Runic Watermelon Event will also be released.
And we have also listed the fixed bugs you mentioned in the end of the patch note! Click here and check them out~
We will maintain our servers for about two hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/03/21 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8:2019/03/20 7PM
Thundercall Foreste UTC-8: :2019/03/20 7PM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3 2019/03/20 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3 2019/03/21 6AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0 2019/03/21 3AM


Ⅰ)Midsummer Puzzle Event Coming
It is said a strange old man wanders Milura each Midsummer Festival.He has been seen at Sardar Highlands, the Surgewind Wilds, Cloudburst Forest, and on Aerial Island. Seek him out and test your luck!
Ⅱ)Runic Watermelon Event Coming
After this week's maintenance, we will be putting Watermelon Seed on the Materials store.It's demonic seed cultivated by Shaman Stuur'nal. It is said that it grows in the desert and produces incredible watermelons.You can get a wooden bucket after using the seed.You can use the bucket once a day to water your melon fields.You grow beans and harvest beans; you grow watermelons and harvest watermelons. However, the Runic Watermelon does not adhere to this cycle. Eat watermelons and obtain Silver, Gems, Lunarian's Tears, and possibly even a Light of Dawn!
Ⅲ)Follower Arena&Guild Trial Event time revised
After this week's maintenance,we will adjust the event time of Guild Trial and Follower Arena.
Guild Trial:Event time adjust to every Mon, Wed and Fri from 16:30 to 16:45.
Follower Arena:Event time adjust to every Mon and Wed from 17:00 to 18:00.
Ⅳ)Holiday Gift
After this maintenance,we will have a new 7-day box -- "Labor Day Gift“,(available once a day for a total of seven times) .The Gift will be on the "NEW", it can be purchased once during the event, the gift contains a variety of rare items and you can get a pet named Mechanical Crab on seventh day,don't miss it!
Ⅴ)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “Bard Treasure” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “Dragon Secret Treasure ” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit-“Breath of Dragon”!
After this week's maintenance, according to the opening time of each server, the Warriors can purchase new box —“Jadeite Crystal Star Box”、“Aquamarine Crystal Star Box”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“StarCircle Bundle”、“Magellana Blessing”、“Labor Day Gift”and“Labor Day Celebration Box”on the “NEW”.
Ⅶ)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!
1. Fixed the bug that players could not create squad properly in the Guild Battle:Guild Battlefield event.
2.Fixed the bug that Gilded Flying Carpet(7-day),Blossom Swing(7-day) and Flaming Gorghana(2-day) can't give as present.
3.Fixed the bug that some NPC names were Wrongly translated.