Patch Note| 2019 ANNIVERSARY UPDATE - 1 Artifact System, 2 New Servers and 3 New Classes!

Dear Crusaders,
Thanks to your patient and support all these time! We will release a brand-new update of Crusaders of Light which contains 1 Artifact, 2 Servers as well as 3 Classes , and optimize a lot of in-game contents after the following maintenance. And at the time of the Karanvale Festival, the residents of the Milura will also send a variety of surprise gifts to our warriors like you.
Plz click this patch note for more detailed info and wish you enjoy all these fresh contents we prepared for you!
COL servers will be maintained for about 3 hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/05/23 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8:2019/05/22 7PM
Thundercall Foreste UTC-8: :2019/05/22 7PM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3 2019/05/22 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3 2019/05/23 6AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0 2019/05/23 3AM


Ⅰ.New Class: Dark Ranger, Chaos Mystic, Divine Paladin

The demon invasion has intensified, and the three new classes have returned to Milura with ancient forces!
[Dark Ranger]
The Dark Ranger is a member of the High Elves. In the Dragon-slumber Wilds battle, they had “life and death” duel with the demons. Unfortunately, they were buried by an abnormal avalanche when retreating from that famous battle. The awakened Rangers encountered the remains of The Ancients, who were in control of Milura long long time ago. Some remained slates record a series of powerful magic. However, to obtain that power, Rangers must sacrifice their noble elf appearance and sign an agreement with the Ancient spirits. In order to save Milura from demons, the Rangers have embarked on the road of black magic, and turn themselves into Dark Rangers. Dark Rangers are violent, but because they still keep the blood of the elves, they will show a lovely side from time to time. If you can obey, they will be very friendly to you, but if you try to resist them, then wait for you. It’s a very tragic end...
[Chaos Mystic]
Chaos Mystic is a branch of the Mystic. They are quite talented at accumulating chaos energy to use dark magic. In the battle of the Dragon-slumber Wilds, a group of Mystics were sucked into the time vortex, and all soldiers reported these Mystics were torn into pieces by the vortex. chaotic secret team suffered a huge avalanche disappeared. Several years later, those missing Mystics just suddenly appear in Karanvale like a fog. No one knows what happened to them, but people smell a demonic smell from their spells. Chaos Mystics have their own independent base. They are solitary and arrogant. They don't interact with other races. They are said to be immersed in the world of dark magic every day to study spells. They don't want to do some meaningless social interaction.
[Divine Paladin]
No one can doubt the Paladin’s combat capability these years, but everyone knows that they are not good backups or healers. For many years‘ research,Herrling finally found a mystic scroll which is called “Divine Grace”in the Karanvale’s Library. That scroll records a series of divine force which can only be learned by experienced Paladins. This scroll mainly tells about strengthening and healing magic. The Divine Paladins are loyal and friendly. They are willing to stand up and guard their teammates at a critical time.
New Class Related
  • Dark Ranger and Chaos Mystic are remote output classes. The Dark Ranger has a unique shadow-split mechanism with powerful single-target output capability. Chaos Mystic can transform into a chaotic lord with unparalleled area damage ability. Divine Paladin is a melee healing class, with a variety of team BUFF and unique damage-sharing mechanism.
  • Each new class has one path. Dark Ranger can transfer to Night Walker, with a strong BUFF skill - the Night Spirit, with a powerful Fatal Injury, and Crazed Strafe to cause tons of damage;
  • Chaos Mystic can transfer to Chaos Lord. Upon collecting ten Chaos Shards, you can spend them to turn into the Chaos Lord. As the Chaos Lord, your damage is increased and damage taken is decreased, you recover health over time, and your normal attacks deal greatly increased damage and hit up to three targets.
  • Divine Paladin can transfer to Faithful, which can greatly enhance their ability to heal and support teammates.

II.Artifact System

[Devil Seal, Artifact Reappears]
After Malaziel defeated by crusaders, the secret underground organization of Karanvale explored in the time stream and found that the crisis has not been lifted. In order to cope with the potential crisis in the future, the secret organization explores the ancient artifacts in the time stream and retrieve them through time-flow magic. They propose to the king of Karanvale that it is necessary to plan ahead and use the power of artifacts to strengthen the ability of Crusaders. The artifact will automatically open after the Warrior reaches level 45.
[Torannis' Blessing]
The only artifact that has been discovered so far is the Torannis' Blessing, the harp used by the god of the stars, Torannis. When Torannis confronted the ancient evil spirits, he plucked the harp, and saw the stars fall, the stars collapsed, and many star souls emerged from them, and the dazzling light pierced the clouds. When Torannis was annihilated, the harp also disappeared. Nowadays, although there is no use of the gods of the stars, it is no longer able to play the full strength of the original, but it is still an extremely powerful weapon. By cultivating, you can wake up the power of the stars in the harp and turn them into your own use.
[Magic Furnace]
In the Magic Furnace, the Warriors can dismantle purple-quality equipment (PVP equipment and equipment from stores can’t be dismantled by Magic Furnace), thereby gaining the Artifact Energy and Artifact Essence, to strengthen the power of artifacts.

III.Ease The Burden

After this maintenance update, we have made some adjustments to some of the daily activities in the game, and hope to reduce the burden of the Warriors on the adventures of Miluraland:
Dramatically reduce the HP value of monsters in all Mystica;
  • The number of Minimum players for 5-player raids is adjusted from 3 to 1;
  • The number of Minimum players for Trial Quest is adjusted from 3 to 1;
  • The World Quiz cancels the EXP reward, and the silver reward doubles;
  • Windwhisper Survival, Purge in the Mists, the third daily task of “killing two enemies” is changed to “killing one enemy”;
  • Shadowveil Assassination daily "kill 5/10/20 people" task was changed to "kill 2/5/10 people"
  • The escort/contention tramcar was changed from “open on Monday and Wednesday night” to “open on Wednesday night”
  • The time of the Faction Trade quests is changed from 2 to 1, the second reward will be integrated into the first time, and the total reward will remain unchanged;
  • In the Faction mission, Faction: Mining Crystals, Faction: Gathering Intelligence, and Faction: High-Energy Crystal Nucleus have greatly improved the probability of obtaining purple and orange quality mission items.
  • The Surgewind Wilds, Cloudburst Forest and Sardar Highlands will no longer be rewarded with experience. The original experience reward will be added to the main line of Cloudburst Forest and Sardar Highlands. At the same time, the silver coin reward for this part of the quest is increased to 5 times, and the equipment reward is no longer given;
  • Aldorr Coliseum: The weekly rewards of the Peak Group and the Honor Group are reduced from 5 sessions per week to 3 sessions;
  • The refresh time of the Elemental Lords, Illusionist Lord and Tribe Chieftain is changed to all day, and the interval time is unchanged;
  • The refresh time of all kinds of Guild Hunt except Faction Hunt is changed to all day, and the interval time is unchanged;
  • First Winning Treasure Chest: Removed the experience drop from the Battlefield First Winning Treasure Chest in the Surgewind Valley and the Guardian Canyon;
  • Guild Hunt: Removed the limits on the number of participants in ordinary hunting.

IV. Daily Activities Adjustment

At the time of the Karanvale Festival, the residents of the Milura sent a variety of surprise gifts to the warriors. After this maintenance update, these adjustments were all on the line:
  • Now Cargo Quest has a chance to get a surprise treasure chest, Five Relics, Eternal Leaves, Luxurious Party Cakes and Lucky Draw Ticket and other mysterious gifts.
  • Now the completion of the Guild Trial, Guild bonfire activities will be able to obtain the Jade Crystal Star. At the same time, participating in the Guild Trial activities will obtain the Guild Trial treasure chest according to the probability of perfection of trials. The lucky ones who throw high points after the end of the Guild bonfire will inevitably obtain the guild bonfire treasure chest, from which Five Relics, Eternal Leaves, Luxurious Party Cakes and other precious rewards!
  • The inscription fragments obtained by completing the Casual Arena will be greatly increased. At the same time, the Trial, Cargo Quest, Guild bonfire, and Guild Trial will no longer drop the inscription fragments, and the total amount of inscriptions obtained by the player will remain unchanged. At the same time, the new props inscriptions and fragments will replace the original inscription fragments, no longer have to worry about the acidity!
  • Demon Invasion surprise reward promotion! The original 50000 gold coin will be replaced by 3 Eternal Leaves. The lucky ones no longer have to worry about being broken by the gold coins! The more precious Eternal Leaf is not painful at first!
  • Weekend party awards for weekend fun party events have been greatly improved! Legendary weapons, five relics, outfits, mounts, etc. are all in it!
  • The lords of all difficulty now have the chance to drop the paying gift box! Dragon's Breath, Fairy Whispers Box and Blazing Dawn Giftbag are all likely to fall! The higher the difficulty, the higher the drop rate of the lord!
  • All Team Raids now have the chance to drop rare items such as Legendary Equipment, Eternal Leaves, Dawn of Light, and Paying Gift Boxes (including but not limited to the Dragon's Breath, Fairy Whispers Box and Blazing Dawn Giftbag,etc.). The higher the difficulty, the higher the raid rate! At the same time, most of the bosses of the team's raid now have a lower chance to drop the rare mounts used for the auction (including but not limited to Crimson Pig,Winged Kite,Celestial Unicorn)and the mounts owned by different leaders are not the same!
  • Guild Battlefield Changes: Members of the guild who are participating in the guild battlefield can now receive 1000 Guild contributions. If they win in the final comprehensive settlement, they can get an additional 1000 guild contribution. The rewards for participating in the master battle are: participation will receive 1000 guild contributions, and the winning team members will receive an additional 1000 guild contributions. At the same time, members of the guild who won in the battlefield stage of the guild have the chance to get a battlefield surprise treasure chest, from which you can get a lot of valuable items such as the Lucky Draw Ticket, the eternal leaves, the five relics and so on! The blueprint, Ancient Iron Meteorites and other props will no longer fall;
  • Now, the initial auction price of the mounts and amateur riding skill books that are dropped in the Fort Desolation and Ash Fort will be reduced to half;
  • The first win and the five wins in the Final Challenge and Glorious Championship will now have the potential to drop the Eternal Leaves.
  • Now every time a server's current team raid clearance progress reaches 100%, all service players will receive a lot of rare item rewards.
  • Now when a player kills a leader in a team raid, as long as more than 40% of the players in the team have the number of picks for the leader, the entire group of players can participate in the auction and the deposit. Boss players and working players can get along more harmoniously!
  • The equipment to build the page in the trading will only retain the drawings of ancient iron meteorites, Waist Pendant/Ring Diagram; the rest of the equipment construction drawings are no longer available for trading. At the same time, the ordinary raid leader will only drop the drawings of the occupation.The equipment box, jewelry box are no longer available for trading. (This item is still available for sale this week due to a sudden change in the economic order, but it cannot be seen and purchased by other players. The issue has been handed over to the Karanvale Economic Association for processing.)
  • The Lvl. 30 Equipment Blueprint drawings complement the description of the legendary equipment with a low probability of directly creating;
  • Guardian Battlefield reputation equipment in the store will now be purchased with silver coins, not Old World Honor;
  • Reduce the maximum price of some legendary equipment,blueprint and materials, so that it has a healthier and more reasonable market price.
  • Additional 80, 100, 150, and 200 digging light of dawn without the achievements of legendary equipment, giving Bad luck warrior more love;
  • Regent is sympathetic to the people, in order to let the Bad luck warrior not lose their hope of life, and increase the "pain and happiness" hidden welfare! After the game this maintenance update (the light of dawn that was turned on before the update is not included), every time the Warriors who have not won the legendary equipment for 40 consecutive digs of light of draw can get the legendary gift, open and get the legendary equipment! Obtaining legendary equipment through this route will not count as a legend by digging the light of dawn;
  • The tradable Starlight Lens is now added to the Light of Dawn.

V.Mystica New Difficulty

After this maintenance update, it will open a new Mystica Difficulty - Abyss difficulty (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ), welcome the warriors to the challenge!

VI.New Arrival

After this week's maintenance, “Shadow Rune” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “DeepSea Drift Bottle” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit-“Dawn Lion”!


After this week's maintenance, the Warriors can Warriors can according to the server open time purchase new box —“Jade Crystal Star Box”、“Carnival Honoraria”、“Upgrade Material Box”、“Shining Intensificationl Box”、“Eternal Inscription Box”、“Starlight Lens Box”、“Follower Gift”、“Super Reforge & Refine Bundle”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”and“Light of Dawn & Gem Box”on the “NEW”.

VIII.Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!

IX.New server promotion

After this maintenance, warriors participating adventure in the new server can purchase the new Mount Goodie Bag (Heartfelt) and Outfit Goodie Bag (Astral) at the Materials store, which will give you access to a variety of fine outfits and mounts!

X.Follower Summon 50%off

After this maintenance, the Follower Summon limited time discount will be activated. You will enjoy 50% off discount when you Summon (Epic).

XI.Game optimization

In this maintenance update, in order to give the warriors a better gaming experience, we have optimized a lot of content:
  • Rune upgrade token optimization: When the Warrior upgrades the rune, if your runestone is insufficient, it will automatically consume your rune tokens in a 45:1 ratio;
  • Fixed the problem of various monster armor anomalies in the battle of the first enemy in the The Battle of Karanvale - Fall of the Capital;
  • Now in the Core of Rock Essence(Normal), the Todt's Shell and Sam's Sabre obtained by the player through the auction will not be able to put on the trading;
  • Drastically reduced the skill damage of the Demon Lord Arunas in the Demon Invasion activity;
  • Team raid interface optimization: raids that are not open/not met entry conditions will be locked;
  • DPS statistical optimization: DPS statistics now do not cause DPS statistics to be reduced or reset due to a large range of AOE skills attacking other targets when the player attacks the stakes;
  • The leaders of the three tribes are busy, and the Karanvale Council has made the following adjustments in order to ease their pressure:
a. The Faction guidelines and Faction management were transferred from Virlyte to the Council of Light Elders, Prosperius.
b. The Trial mission guide was handed over to the trial manager by D'agon Vaantis.
c. The Starlight Store was transferred from Vizalon to the Council of Light Quartermaster Paul.
  • The guild creation will change from consuming 5 million silver to 300 crystals or 30,000 gold. The use of crystals to create a guild will return the eternal leaves*1.


Other content:
  • New test stakes: New trial stakes and leader piles have been added to the Aldorr Coliseum in Karanvale, and their defenses are consistent with the current raid of the leader's defense, so that players can better test Its own damage value;
  • Cave of Eternity Adjustment: Adds defensive attributes to the monsters in difficulty level IV and difficulty V in the Cave of Eternity, and greatly reduces the amount of blood, so that the players who do not have the ability to break the defense will maintain the combat efficiency when fighting with the monsters. Unchanged, players with broken defense attributes will improve their combat efficiency;
  • Break defense attribute description: The player's break defense attribute will reduce the defense when the target is attacked. Breaking the defense will directly reduce the target defense, and the break defense rate will reduce the target defense by a percentage, but the target final defense will not be lower than 0;
  • Skyblaze Village - Smoldering Remains(Normal) will not be counted in the server raid clearance process, that is, the conditions for opening the Heroic- Chimeria, the Heroic-Everlush Valley will be changed to the server Skyblaze Village - Camp Darkhold(Normal) clearance rate will reach 100%;
  • After long-term observation, we found that some players control their own strength under the high-rate Magellana's gift standard line to obtain a large amount of silver income, which is inconsistent with our original design for low-power players to provide silver to catch up. After this maintenance update, for the server whose raid clearance progress is less than or equal to the Mad Laboratory, the standard of the power that can get the high rate Magellana's gift will be lowered;
  • Follower Protector skill adjustment: S, SS rarity followers contain more powerful forces, so they also need relatively expensive props to train. However, at present, in terms of the skills of the protect, the attributes provided by the S and SS partners are not matched with their expectations. Therefore, we have raised the percentage attribute bonus provided by the S and SS partners on the Protector skill. SS rarity followers will provide the most percentage bonus attribute, and secondly,followers with A, B, and C rarity will provide the same percentage plus attribute;
  • Gold Exchange: After this maintenance update, the warriors will use the coin to quickly exchange gold when they consume insufficient gold. They can also use the redemption button next to the gold icon in the backpack interface to use the coin to exchange gold faster;
  • Inactive guild adjustments, in order to better develop the warriors of the Milura continent, ensure that the guild has certain activities and organizational capacity and normal gift distribution,we will make the following adjustments according to the offline days and casting points of the President and vice President:
a. The president or vice president is not online for seven consecutive days or the guild has no more than 1,000 casting points per day for seven consecutive days. The president and vice president of the guild will automatically leave the guild, and the guild is judged to be in a low active state.
b. The guild members will receive notice of the guild's low activity when it is low active state for five consecutive days.
c. After the membership is automatically detached, the guild will not be able to apply, and the president and vice president can only increase membership by taking the initiative to recruit.
d. After the guild is automatically detached, the president or vice president will go online and reach a casting point higher than 1000 on any day of the seven days, which will make the guild out of low activity.
e. The opening level of the guild system is changed to 25, that is, the minimum level of creating the guild and joining the guild is changed to 25.