Patch Note| Battle Pass Coming 20190529

Dear Crusaders,
Sorry for your waiting, here are the introduction of ‘ Battle Pass’ event and the bugs we fixed basing on your feedback~
Wish u enjoy the update of COL!


Ⅰ)Battle Pass Coming
Every adventure on Milura brings more vitality to the Summer Festival Ceremonial. Assisting in the Summer Festival Ceremonial grants Battle Pass experience and other great rewards!
Battle Pass Rules:
1. Gain Battle Pass Experience in order to level up your Battle Pass and claim level rewards. Levels 39 through 99 grant one reward for each level for a total of 61 rewards.
2. You may spend 300 Crystals at any time to unlock Elite Rewards. After unlocking Elite Rewards, you can claim all Elite Rewards up till your level.
3. How to get Battle Pass Experience:
- Daily events: Daily Login, Trial Quests, Cargo Quests, Lord Invasions (Nightmare and above), Field Events, Demon Invasions, Offerings to Ancient Gods, Guild Hunts (Lords in Aerial Island/Surgewind Wilds/Cloudburst Forest);
- Follower events: Follower Arena, Skywards Tower, and Dawn Outpost;
- Raids: Killing bosses in Team Raids with a difficulty of at least Server Raid Progress -2 (requires a teammate to have pickup turned on), Cave of Eternity bosses (requires a teammate to have pickup turned on), Mystica bosses (requires you to have pickup turned on), 5-Man Heroic Raid bosses (requires you to have pickup turned on).
- PvP events: Windwhisper Survival (Solo Top 5), Purge in the Mists (Solo Top 5), Shadowveil Assassination (Solo Top 2), Coliseum (3v3/5v5), killing players on the faction map (calculated depending on both sides' Military Rank).
Ⅱ)Reavedge Ceremonial Coming
Reavedge Ceremonial will be reopened after this maintenance. You can start a series of daily tasks in the NPC--Bellicostro Ironhorn. Every time you complete the task, you probably will get rare items. The event will last until next server maintenance.
Ⅲ)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “DeepSea Drift Bottle” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “FoxFire Potion” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit-“Flaming Fox”!
After this week's maintenance, the Warriors can purchase new box —“Magellana Luxury Supply”、“Lucky Ticket Box”、“Upgrade Material Box”、“Shining Intensificationl Box”、“Follower Advanced Box”、“StarCircle Bundle”、“Super Reforge & Refine Bundle”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”and“Light of Dawn & Gem Box”。
Ⅴ)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!
Ⅵ)Midsummer Puzzle Event Ending
After this maintenance update, the Silver Gambling Event will be closed, thanks to the participation of the warriors!
Ⅶ)Follower Summon Sale Ending
After this maintenance update, the follower summon limited time discount activity will be removed, using the crystal summon will restore the original price.
1. Fix the problem that Maple Sugar Cookie and Chimeria Crystal not be exchanged.
2. Fix the problem that Some tips are in Chinese.
3. Fix the problem that the new occupation can't get the Snout Avatar normally.
4. Deleted [Guide] Forest Temple guide task.Some warriors will also see it in the task panel, and clicking on this task will disappear.
5. Fix the problem that banner may be missing resource in the steam version.
6. Fix the problem that where the Lucky Ticket dropped in the Trading Suprising Chest could not be used normally.